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From: Cindy Donovan
To: Wordpress site owners wanting to break into the world of cryptocurrency, minus the risk

Re: Set and forget software that rewards your website visitors for earning YOU crypto coins that you can trade for cash (or save for retirement!)

Wow, what a crazy ride it's been for people who were early investors in this 'little thing' called Bitcoin... 

From it's beginnings, where you could buy a digital coin for just a few cents... to roaring prices upward of $20,000 - with some experts claiming it may rise in the next year to as much as $100,000 PER BITCOIN!

Sucks that you didn't buy in all those years ago, right? 

Well... yeah.  I guess... but it's never too late

The fact is, the longer you delay - the more you'll kick yourself later, because with the price of cryptocurrencies going through the roof - this is an investment of your time you can't afford to miss! 

Cryptocurrency Explained In Plain English

Maybe you've heard about Bitcoin and it's sounded interesting, but... really confusing, scary and risky. 

If that's you, you're DEFINITELY not alone.  There's been a lot of hype that's for sure!

On this page I'll break it down for you, after all - I'm a lover of simplicity.

However, before I explain any of the 'bits' - let me tell you - you can make money with this software even if you don't know how it works (100% risk free!)

I share this information mostly because I used to be a school teacher and I like learning how things work, and then sharing them with other people in a way that changes lives.  Creating easy to use software and helping people break new, exciting ground fuels me - and hopefully this opportunity excites you too!

The best place to start, is understanding what it actually is. 

Cryptocurrency is just a public/shared bank that contains digital money.  

Think of it like your regular bank, except... instead of being owned by big corporations - it's owned by people like us.  Just every day people. 

With each digital currency (there are lots of different kinds, besides the popular Bitcoin) there is a thing called a blockchain.

Blockchain is another one of those intimidating words, but... 

A blockchain is like a publicly shared record keeping book

It's actually quite brilliant really.  It's not a single book, kept in one location - but a record of transactions shared by a lot of people. 

There are thousands of copies, stored on computers, hard drives and usb's all around the world that all use each other to keep and stay updated - thus.. the term 'decentralised', because it's not just kept in any one location.

How does money move around?

When person A sends money to person B a new line with the amount and blockchain number (no personal details) is created in the ledger.  That line of information is sent around to a lot of other computers who have a copy of the record - and when it's confirmed by other computers as legit, it updates across the network and the coin is transferred. 

This stops the chances of any duplicate coins being created, or fake coins being made.  

It also adds TRUE VALUE to the currency, because unlike regular money - they can't just print more.  What's in circulation is all there is available, making it a much more valuable commodity, as availability becomes more and more limited and exclusive.  

How can you get Cryptocurrency?

You can get start building up your Cryptocurrency assets in the following two ways:

1) Buy Cryptocurrency Coins

- You can buy coins with money or you can trade/swap different cryptocurrencies if you already own some. 
- When you own crypto coins, you can sell those for money if you choose to - or hang on to them as a longer term investment too.

2) Mine Cryptocurrency Coins

What Crypto Mining Is (And What It Isn't)

Let's start with what it isn't 

Mining is NOT hacking into people's computer files to try and find or steal coins. 

Mining requires high end computers with large computer resources to calculate existing data.

They use these calculations to find data and add transactions to the blockchain by securing and verifying the record line or releasing new currency. 

Mining cryptocurrency on your own computer can drain a lot of resources. 

To do it, your computer needs to work hard to process a lot of mathematical equations - the average computer would struggle to make enough money to justify the power bill you'd need to pay to run your overheating computer.

Mining can be profitable, finding these coins works, but takes time and resources before you'll see any results. 

The secret to mining is to do it on a larger scale. 

Don't overheat your computer and clock up obscene power bills 

Crowdsource the work to hundreds of computers in smaller amounts

Turn Your Website Visitors Into Your Very Own Hive Of Cryptocurrency Worker Bees

And Just Like Bees To Honey They Will Be Rushing To Help You Earn Crypto... And Then Some More!

Introducing WP Crypto Cash

[+] Upload & Activate
[+] Add Your Rewards (Or Use Our Inbuilt Bonuses) 
[+] Automatically Display An Attention Bar Prompting Them To Surf & Win

[+] Collect Emails and Cryptocurrency All At Once! 

WP Crypto Cash offers your website visitors rewards (any kind of downloadable goods, or anything you can deliver via html) in exchange for letting you use a small portion of their CPU (computer processing power) to mine coins.

It's Easy & Can Be Working On Your Blog, Earning You Crypto Coins Minutes From Now

This is the easiest and most risk free way to earn real crypto currency with zero investment (other than the low software cost) completely automated!

See How WP Crypto Cash Works Below

WP Crypto Cash Is Easy To Set Up & Highly Customisable

I know you're probably just itching to get your hands on some of that sweet crypto cash, so we've made it really easy for you to get started.  You can upload and activate this plugin - and be ready to go fast. 

We've got two (really) short videos that show you how to create an account you'll need to collect the coins and use the various features of the plugin - there's no huge crypto learning curve, you can be earning cash really fast. 

And while we've made it easy to use, we've added a lot of features for you to control every part of this plugin.

Plugin Display Settings

Customise how your attention bar looks and what it says, and the popup box as well. 

Prize Settings

Choose how often to reward, how many prizes to give and when to give them!

Prebuilt Prizes Or Create Your Own With Our WYSIWYG Editor

Prizes are automatically delivered via email when your website visitor reaches the targets set by you.

Connect Your Autoresponder

Visitors are asked to add their email in to claim prizes before they start mining for you, you can have them automatically added to your AR 

Easy Miner Setup

Click a link, sign up (free) - then click another link and get your keys.  That's it! 

Miner Settings

Choose how much of your website visitors computer power you use, keep it under 10% (recommended) and they'll never notice the difference - or crank it up to 100% and earn more coins faster

Mobile Detection

As this plugin will be using some of the devices power supply, it's recommended that this is turned off - but you have full control over all of settings in your admin dashboard. 

You’re About To Get Access To This MUST HAVE Software,
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If you want to have the fastest way to tapping in to the profits waiting for you in the world of crypto currency then WP Crypto Cash is for you!

It’s the best alternative to NOT doing it.   Wouldn't you just love to go back 5 years and buy some bitcoin at the stupidly low prices they were back then?  Well - you might have missed that opportunity, but this is not going away and will only grow in value.   

Don't make the mistake of waiting another 5 years and thinking.... crap... I missed out on that chance to make free money with my blog - imagine how much that would be worth now!!! 

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WP Crypto Cash

Thanks for checking out WP Crypto Cash!  

I look forward to hearing your success stories soon :) 

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- Cindy Donovan 


Will I Be Mining BitCoin?

No, Bitcoin is extremely difficult to mine, making it a poor choice dollar vs power expense.  This plugin mines for a currency called Monero which is currently valued at about $400 per coin (your plugin will mine small parts of a coin, not the entire coin at once).  You can exchange your Monero for Bitcoin if you like, or simply sell your Monero for regular USD or whatever currency you choose. 

Where Will I Get Paid?

Your Monero coin will be saved and stored in the website you will use to mine the coins.  We show you where that is once you've installed the plugin, it's free to sign up.  If you want to trade your coins or withdraw them for cash, you'll need to use a third party trading site - this is also free to join, our support team can assist if you need any help with withdrawing.

How Long Before I'm A Millionaire?

If you're hoping that this plugin will be your retirement nest egg (and you're planning to retire next year... lol) then you're out of luck.  Mining is a slow process.  Some days you'll earn more than others and the value of the coin will be worth more too. 

This plugin only works while the visitor is on your page, so you'll see better results if you have a high traffic website and/or websites that give people a reason to stay for a long time.  The reward system will encourage some people to stay for longer, but you can also use some other strategies like having engaging videos, content, activities etc on your pages to keep people visiting for longer. 

Low/No traffic websites can still earn a few cents a day - but the real profits will be seen when you have a lot of people who stay on your site for a long time. 

Is Cryptocurrency A Good Investment?

We don't advise in any way suggestions for investment, which coins to invest or trade in and/or how long to hold them for.  Cryptocurrency trading is a very volatile marketplace so there is lots of money to be made - but also, if you're not careful - lots to lose.  We recommend you only ever invest what you are willing to lose.  Mining on the other hand is risk free, you can earn crypto without the risk of losing it - just trade or exchange when the value is at a reasonable peak and you'll do well. 

Is This "Newbie" Friendly?

Yes, WP Crypto Cash is very easy to use.  The only requirement is that you have a self hosted Wordpress blog, if you've got that you're more than ready to go :) 

Do I Have To Connect An Autoresponder? 

No, if you don't want to capture leads via a third party software like Covert Commissions, AWeber, MailChimp or GetResponse, you don't have to.

The rewards are sent via email using the Wordpress system - not the autoresponder, so the plugin will still work without it 

Do You Have A Guarantee? 

Yes, you will get 30 days to use this plugin on your sites.  I guarantee you'll see some coin coming in, website visitors leaving their emails and more engagement on your site - or you can ask for a refund.  There's no risk at all, worse case scenario - you get free coin for 30 days.. :P  

Do I Get Future Updates?

We'll push new updates straight to your WP admin, so you can activate any new features or fixes in your wordpress dashboard (at no charge of course)

Do You Offer Support In Case I Need Help?

Absolutely! We provide top-notch customer support and we try our best to solve all issues within 24-48 hours.

This website in no way is affiliated with Facebook or any Facebook entities. Once you leave Facebook the responsibility no longer is on their site. 
We make every attempt to clearly state and show all proof. We do not sell your email or any information. Can Spam compliant. 
If you have any questions please feel free to use the contact us link below this text.

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